William (Bill) Bailey

William (Bill) Bailey

Associate Professor

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 2164
    (309) 677-3397


LL.M. in Taxation, University of Washington
J.D. Brigham Young University
B.S. in Accounting, Brigham Young University


Prof. Bill Bailey has been at Bradley University since 2016. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and a Licensed Attorney (inactive). He taught graduate and undergraduate tax and accounting courses for six years before coming to Bradley University at Central Washington University and at Weber State University. 

Outside of his teaching, research, service, and consulting activities, his hobbies include reading, visiting historical sites, watching movies, coaching football, and enjoying time with his wife and their four sons.

Professional Experience

Prof. Bailey began his career working for KPMG in Seattle, where he provided tax compliance and consulting services. His background also includes working as a law clerk for an estate planning law firm and working as an extern for the IRS Office of Chief Counsel in Salt Lake City. He continues to provide tax and regulatory consulting for individuals and nonprofit organizations.


Prof. Bailey currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses covering tax compliance and consulting concepts and theory. Topics include the taxation of individuals, corporations, partnerships, nonprofit organizations, estates and trusts, etc.


Prof. Bailey’s primary research interests involve the taxation of nonprofits, individual taxation, and tax procedure. His research has appeared in journals such as The Journal of Accountancy, Tax NotesThe CPA Journal, and Practical Tax Strategies. He is the winner of the Journal of Accountancy’s 2018 Lawler Award given for the best article of the year for his work regarding the Section 199A Qualified Business Income Deduction. Prof. Bailey’s research seeks to develop (1) practical applications of tax law and strategy that impact current tax professionals, and (2) legal theory that impacts the policies behind government regulation.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

2021 Mollie T. Adams & William A. Bailey, Emerging Cryptocurrencies and IRS Summons Power: Striking the Proper Balance between IRS Audit Authority and Taxpayer Privacy, The ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research, August 2021.

Bailey, W.A., Pace, R. (2018). Avoiding an Accuracy-related Penalty Through the Reasonable-cause Exception, The Tax Adviser, 818-26, December 2018.    

Bailey, W.A. (2018), Mechanics of the New Sec. 199A Deduction for Qualified Business Income, Journal of Accountancy 45-52, May 2018.

Bailey, W.A. (2016). Is the Parsonage Allowance Constitutional? The Courts Question Taxpayer Standing, The CPA Journal, 86(4), 28-33.

Read, D.W., Bailey, W.A. (2015). A Primer on Teaching the Law of Wills, Probate, and Basic Estate Planning Documents to Business Law Students, Southern Journal of Business and Ethics, 7, 11-34.

Bailey, W.A., Pace, R. (2014). Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Still Vexing ‘Responsible Persons,’ Tax Notes, 142(6), 653-60.

Bailey, W.A., Tidd, R.R., Cahalan, R. (2013). The Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Charitable Hospitals: The New IRC Section 501(r) and the CPA’s Role, The CPA Journal 83(5), 57-62.

Bailey, W.A. (2012). Taxman on Campus: How Aggressive IRS Initiatives Are Increasing Audit and Compliance Risk for Colleges and Universities, BYU Law and Education Journal, 2012(2), 215-56.

Bailey W.A. (2012), Navigating Form 990’s Governance Section to Reduce a Nonprofit’s Risk Exposure, Practical Tax Strategies 88(1), 4-13.

Licensures and Certifications

Prof. Bailey is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Illinois and Washington State and a licensed Attorney (inactive) in Washington State.