Anant Deshwal

Anant Deshwal

Assistant Professor,

    Olin Hall 109
    (309) 677-3017



I received my Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Arkansas and completed my post-doc from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I am the Secretariat Member and Director of Community Program – Ethno-ornithology World Atlas, The University of Oxford, UK.

I am a Conservation Biologist, Community Ecologist, and an Ethno-ornithologist. The primary focus of my research is wildlife and habitat conservation. Having an interdisciplinary background allows me to develop an interdisciplinary research approach by combining Quantitative Field ecology with Traditional Ecological Knowledge. For further information please visit my lab website and my personal website.

My research lab focuses on:

  1. Effect of anthropogenic disturbances such as Climate Change, Agriculture, and Urbanization on:
    • The inter-species relationship
    • Habitat-organism relationship
    • Ecological niche and range expansion
  2. Quantify perseverance of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Natural History Knowledge.

Thus construct a conservation model that builds upon the Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the local community while reinforcing the relationship they have with the land coupled with the findings from my first research question.


  • Ecology and Evolution
  • Advanced Ecology
  • Climate Change
  • Natural History


Selected Research Papers and Book Chapters:

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