John Marino

John Marino

Associate Professor

    Olin Hall 06
    (309) 677-2352


Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan
B.A., Zoology and History, University of Wisconsin - Madison


Dr. Marino is an aquatic ecologist seeking to better understand how environmental context mediates species interactions in food webs. His research addresses freshwater systems ranging from small ephemeral ponds to the Laurentian Great Lakes. He uses a range of tools including experiments, observational studies, and modeling. Results of work in the lab have implications for confronting major challenges to sustainable freshwater systems, including emerging infectious diseases, harmful algal blooms, and invasive species.


Limnology (BIO 475), Principles of Earth Science (GES 101)


Selected Publications

Marino, J. A., M. P. Holland, and E. E. Werner. In press. The distribution of echinostome parasites in ponds and implications for larval frog survival. Parasitology. DOI: 10.1017/S0031182016002547.

Marino, J. A. 2016. Interspecific variation in larval anuran anti-parasite behavior: A test of the adaptive plasticity hypothesis. Evolutionary Ecology. 30: 635-648.

Marino, J.A., M. P. Holland, and E. E. Werner. 2016. Competition and host size structure mediate effects of trematode parasites on larval anurans. Freshwater Biology. 61: 621-632.

Marino, J. A., M. P. Holland, and J. Maher. 2014. Predators and trematode parasites jointly affect larval anuran functional traits and corticosterone levels. Oikos. 123: 451-460.

Marino, J. A., and E. E. Werner. 2013. Synergistic effects of predators and trematode parasites on larval green frogs. Ecology. 94: 2697-2708.