4+1 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering /Master of Science in Civil Engineering Program


Bradley University Civil Engineering undergraduates may enroll in the 4 + 1 BSCE/MSCE program while completing their bachelor’s degree and meet the following requirements:

Students will be considered for the BSCE/MSCE program during the spring of the student’s junior year (preferred date: April 1) or in fall of the student’s senior year, at the latest. Students will not be admitted to the program after the first day of spring semester of their senior year. The student must follow the application procedures consistent with application to Graduate Education and the Civil Engineering Graduate Program with the following exceptions. The student:

  • does not need to have completed the bachelor's degree to be admitted to the program,
  • has a 3.0 overall GPA or greater,
  • has a minimum of 79 hours completed at the time of admission to the program if admitted before completion of junior year, or 95 hours if admitted at the beginning of the senior year,
  • does not need to submit letters of recommendation, essays, transcripts, or GRE scores.

Graduation Requirements

Students admitted to the graduate program pursuing an MSCE degree as an undergraduate student as stipulated above will need to complete 30 semester hours of graduate course work (with 9 hours dual counted in the BSCE program). A minimum of 18 hours will be in CE and/or CON designated courses (with a minimum of 6 hours of CE graduate courses required); the remaining hours may include courses from other related departments, per the approved Elective Courses list. Students are required to pass a comprehensive examination during the last semester of their graduate program.

Undergraduates will apply for graduation for their bachelor's degree in the semester that they will achieve a minimum of 128 approved semester hours and complete all undergraduate degree requirements. Following graduation with the BSCE degree, students are considered graduate students. Students who are admitted to the BSCE/MSCE program will have up to 9 graduate hours taken during the final year of the bachelor's degree dual counted for the BSCE and MSCE degrees. In the student’s senior year of their undergraduate program, they will take:

  • 2 graduate courses, 6 hours of 500-level Civil Engineering courses, and
  • 1 graduate course, 3 hours of 500-level courses in Civil Engineering, or Construction, or graduate level approved elective course.

In the remaining two semesters in the MSCE program, the graduate student will take:

  • 12 hours of graduate courses in the first semester of Year 5
  • 9 hours of graduate courses in the second semester of Year 5, plus the comprehensive exam