The Class of 1974 established the department’s initial fund, The Shroyer Fund. Since that time, through the extraordinary generosity of alumni, faculty, parents and friends, the funds listed below have been established and a number of them are endowed. Support for these lasting legacies demonstrates a commitment to ensuring the continued success of our programs via scholarships, lectureships, instrument and library acquisitions, student research stipends and much more. Endowed funds can be created by gifting resources to the University in honor or memory of an individual or named after the founding donor, organization, foundation or corporation; the gift is invested, with similar funds, to generate income which may then be spent by the department to fulfill the donor’s intent. Departmental benefactors may donate to existing funds or receive information about creating a new endowed fund at

Room Dedications

Although many areas of the department have been named, opportunities remain for dedicating the following spaces within the department: organic prep-room, chair suite, instrument rooms, classrooms, and the biochemical, organic, analytical and inorganic laboratories. Naming is recognized via hanging an inscribed plaque at the entrance to the space. Departmental benefactors may receive information about crating a naming legacy at

Bhagat Singh Fund

The Bhagat Singh Fund was established in 1988 by the family, friends and colleagues of Dr. Singh.  It was started to provide funds for scholarships and educational projects that enhance student learning.

Dr. Singh came to Peoria via Shankar, Jullundur, Punjab, India. After completing high school in India, Dr. Singh attended the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Illinois (B.S., electrical engineering). He also earned the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois, the latter in 1940. He worked for the American Gas Association (Cleveland) and Corn Products (Argo), then came to Bradley University in 1948. Upon his retirement in 1977, he taught part-time until his death in 1997. Dr. Singh received Bradley's prestigious Putnam Award for excellence in teaching in 1964.

Chemistry Endowed Frontiers Fund

In 1998 the Department endowed this fund by transferring monies from the Shroyer Chemistry Fund. Since that time the fund has grown through gifts by friends, alumni, faculty and remainder trusts. The goal of the fund is to provide earnings, which can be used by the faculty to support stipends for students engaged in non-credit research, associated chemicals and supplies, other expenses associated with the research and its presentation or publication.

Endres-Pacey Endowed Student Research Fund

This fund is named to honor two Bradley University Chemistry alumni who had distinguished teaching and research careers at state universities in Ohio.  Dr. Paul Endres graduated from Bradley in 1962 and taught at Bowling Green State University until his retirement in 2010.  Dr. Gil Pacey graduated from Bradley in 1974 and taught at Miami University; he also retired in 2010.  The fund was started with contributions from the estates of Dr. Endres and Dr. Pacey. Additional finances came from Dr. Pacey’s friends and colleagues after his death.

Earnings from the endowment provide stipends to students engaged in chemical or biochemical research at Bradley.  Recipients of the endowment must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the major’s required courses.  Additional finances available after stipend award(s) may be used to purchase supplies for the recipient(s) research.  Earnings from the endowment are not to be used to provide stipends for the faculty.

Hasbrouck Chemistry Endowment Fund

Richard B. Hasbrouck studied in the Department during the 1930s.  He earned a Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1942 and was employed as a research chemist at DuPont Co. and Abbott Labs.  In December 1993, he gave 700 shares of Abbott Laboratories stock to the department and Abbott labs matched a portion of the gift.  Dr. Hasbrouck’s wish was for the gift, approximately $25,000, to be used “for laboratories or other facilities for the Chemistry Department.” Dr. Hasbrouck also established a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust with Bradley in 1994. Those funds were designated for his namesake resource center or a chemical or scientific library.

Faculty converted an underused laboratory, Olin Hall 204, into the Richard B. Hasbrouck Student Resource Center.  The monies were used to remove laboratory benches, purchase study tables and shelving for the Chemical Abstracts, carpet the floor, and install a small kitchenette.  The remainder Dr. Hasbrouck’s initial gift purchased computers and copies of PC Spartan Plus for the center.

Heuser Research Fund

Raymond and Esther Heuser were well known for their philanthropic efforts in the Peoria community and at Bradley. In 1984 they won the President's Award for "their monumental impact on the University" and "their pioneering role in the establishment of Bradley's scholarship program."  The Heuser Research Fund was established in 1985 through the generosity of the Heusers and is jointly administered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering and Technology. Within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences the fund's earnings are equally divided between the Departments of Chemistry and Physics. Some suggested uses for the fund include: stipends for faculty and student research, research related equipment and supplies, publication charges and travel support for technical seminars, workshops and conferences related to research activities.

Kolb Lecture Fund

The Doris and Kenneth Kolb Chemistry Lecture has been established to bring to Bradley University notable chemists who have distinguished themselves as outstanding members of the scientific community.

Kolbs came to Peoria in 1965 when Ken joined Bradley’s chemistry department faculty. He served two decades as department chair, and was recognized with the University’s Samuel Rothberg Award for Professional Excellence in 1991. Doris was one of Illinois Central College’s original faculty when it opened in 1967. She received the college’s first teaching excellence award and several national awards. The couple received the American Chemical Society’s first Illinois Heartland Local Section Lifetime Achievement Award and the Division of Chemical Education’s Outstanding Service award in 2004.

Lawrence Lecture Fund

The Lawrence Lectureship was established in 1989 by the University to honor Major Robert Lawrence. Although this lectureship was funded on an annual basis by the Office of the Provost, Barbara Lawrence, Major Lawrence’s sister, has endowed the fund. A goal of the department and the University is to secure additional funding to grow the fund to help bring to campus individuals of national prominence.

The Lawrence Lectureship brings to the Bradley campus visiting scholars who have a special affinity for members of minority groups and can serve as educational role models for all students. Typically, nominees are African-Americans who exhibit noteworthy personal qualities and have demonstrated professional success. In addition, the lecturers often stay on campus for several days in order to interact with students and the community.

Luella Nunes Bensing Chemistry Endowed Book Fund

This endowed fund was established in 1958 in memory of Mrs. Luella Nunes Bensing by her sons, Eric B.S. '32, Karl, and Orville B.A. '28, M.S. '51. The endowment interest is used to purchase library books, especially monographs and books devoted to special topics in the broad area of chemistry. These funds, used at the discretion of the department, supplement the yearly library support of the department by the University. Historically, these monies have been used to fulfill timely needs or the funds have been allowed to accumulate so that purchases have a major impact on holdings. Purchases are cataloged and housed in the library; however, materials can be permanently checked-out to the department. 

Mounts Lecture Fund

The research of Timothy L. Mounts ‘59, M.S. ‘68 has made significant contributions to the advancement of agricultural technology and considerable national and international impacts on the food industry, especially the edible oilseed sector. Mr. Mounts is honored by the lectureship for his devotion to country in military and civilian service, his dedication to the furtherance of education and his belief in civic duty.

At the time of his death, Mr. Mounts was research leader of the food quality and safety research unit at the National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research in Peoria. He received numerous national and international awards and honors, including the 1985 La Medaille Chevreul from L'Association Francaise pour l'Etude des Corps Gras, the 1991 Outstanding Scientist of the Year for the Agricultural Research Service, the Baldwin Distinguished Service Award from the American Oil Chemists' Society and the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Bradley.

Shroyer Chemistry Fund

This unique fund was created in 1974 with the strong encouragement and active participation of the class of 1974. The initial funding was by the members of that class based on their earnings from a number of projects they undertook – some with faculty, others on their own. Alumni, faculty and friends have continued to support the fund since its establishment. The Shroyer Chemistry Fund, both principal and interest, can be used by the chemistry faculty, with approval of the chairperson in any way that will aid, enrich, or further Chemistry or Biochemistry at Bradley University. Recently monies from the fund have been used to upgrade a number of instruments (NMR, FID-GCs, FT-IR, ICP, X-ray, etc.). This fund has been of great value in helping the department maintain and update its instrument holdings.