Sitong Guo

Sitong Guo

Assistant Professor, Sports Communication

    Caterpillar Global Communication Center 328



Dr. Sitong Guo received her Ph.D. in the College of Communication and Information Sciences in 2021 and her M.A. in Communication Studies in 2017 from the University of Alabama. She earned a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication in 2015 from Jilin University, China. During 2021-2022, Dr. Guo was a Howard R. Marsh Postdoctoral Fellow/Lecturer in the Department of Communication and Media at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Guo’s teaching and research interests involve sports communication and sports media, media effects and identity, and strategic communication. She is interested in exploring the media portrayal of nationality and gender norms in big sporting events (e.g., Olympic Games, World Cup) and the effectiveness of different response strategies during a sport crisis. As a sports scholar, her research has mainly focused on understanding sports fans’ characteristics (e.g., identification, motivation, consumption behaviors, and health condition) and international sports media comparison. Her work has been published in Communication & Sport, International Review for the Sociology of Sport, International Journal of Sport Communication, among others.