Tony Adams

Tony Adams

Chairperson, Department of Communication, Caterpillar Professor, Communication

    Caterpillar Global Communication Center 300B
    (309) 677-3206



Dr. Adams started at Bradley University in the Fall of 2017. Prior to Bradley, he was a faculty member at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU; 2008-2017). In 2017, he was honored to be named the Bernard J. Brommel Distinguished Research Professor, the highest research award at NEIU; in 2021, he was honored to be named a Caterpillar Professor, the highest research award at Bradley.

Dr. Adams received an A.S.(Business Administration) from Danville Area Community College, a B.A.(Radio-Television) and a M.S.(Communication Studies)) from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and a Ph.D. (Communication) from the University of South Florida. He has published more than 75 articles and book chapters and has (co)authored and (co)edited nine books including Narrating the Closet: An Autoethnography of Same-Sex Attraction (Routledge), Autoethnography (Oxford University Press), and the Handbook of Autoethnography (Routledge).

Dr. Adams has facilitated workshops on communication and qualitative research at numerous institutions, including the University of Edinburgh, Texas A&M, the University of Alabama, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, and the Universidad de Santiago de Chile. He is a co-editor of the Writing Lives: Ethnographic Narratives book series (Routledge) and founding co-editor of the Journal of Autoethnography (University of California Press). He attended private Catholic school from age four until eighteen, worked as a bartender at Yellowstone National Park, and has been a vegetarian since 1998. He enjoys softball too.