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Advertising and Public Relations

The advertising and public relations (APR) minor is a great addition if you're interested in consumer behavior, graphic design, social media, audience research, writing and storytelling. You gain a practical, well-rounded understanding of the roles and responsibilities of APR industries. You also learn how to develop and maintain relationships between organizations and people, like brands and consumers, nonprofit organizations and donors, government agencies and constituents, or corporations, workers and shareholders.

Advertising and public relations minors must complete at least 12 unique hours of approved minor coursework; these 12 hours cannot be used to satisfy any other major or minor requirements.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses - 15 hrs.

  • *COM 219: Public Relations - 3 hrs.
  • *COM 220: Advertising as Communication - 3 hrs.
  • COM 320: Advertising Creative Strategy - 3 hrs.
  • COM 322: Media Planning - 3 hrs.
  • COM 327: Public Relations Writing - 3 hrs.

*Although COM 101 and COM 201 are required prerequisites for COM 219 and COM 220, advertising and public relations minors are exempt from needing to fulfill these prerequisites.

 Elective Courses (choose one) - 3 hrs.

  • COM 325: Advertising Design and Production - 3 hrs.
  • COM 383: Desktop Publishing - 3 hrs.
  • COM 388: Social Media Communication - 3 hrs.
  • COM 437: Advertising in a Global Environment - 3 hrs.
  • COM 438: Public Relations in a Global Environment - 3 hrs.
  • COM 447: Issues and Ethics in Advertising (WI) - 3 hrs.

Total Hours: 18