Presentation Assistance Center Tutors

The Presentation Assistance Center Tutors are undergraduate students with training in communication and providing constructive feedback. Below are their bios so you can meet the tutors before you even come to the Center.

Miracle McClendon photo

Miracle McClendon

Hello all! I am a sophomore nutrition and dietetics major with a minor in sociology. In the future, I plan to work in a hospital or private practice and specialize in eating disorders. In order to become successful in my field, communication and networking skills are extremely important. Although it was difficult for me to improve these skills, I managed to overcome them and learn to communicate effectively with others. I believe that it is possible for anyone to do so with the right amount of determination and practice.

Joanna Franco photo

Joanna Franco

I’m currently a junior here at Bradley, with my major being political science and business law and ethics as my minors. I aspire to be a lawyer and eventually run for political office. What I struggled with most in college is just knowing when and where to get help, whether that be academic or mental health help! I love helping out other people, and I wish for all to know that help is offered, and they should take advantage of that! I especially love giving speeches and presenting, and I wish to share that passion with others, or at least help others in that area!