Alexander Uskov

Assistant Professor

Bradley Hall 173
(309) 677-3599

Ph.D., Computer Science, Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University), Moscow, Russia
M.S., Computer Science, Bradley University
B.S., Computer Science (major) and Mathematics (minor), Bradley University


Dr. A. Uskov obtained both B.S. (2003) and M.S. (2005) degrees from the department. In October 2005 he joined the department as an information technology specialist. In 2008 he completed Ph.D. studies and obtained a doctoral degree in computer science with specialization in the areas of a) information and computer security and b) telecommunication systems and computer networks.


Dr. A. Uskov teaches the following courses:

  • CS 102 Data Structures
  • CS 220 Computer Architecture
  • CS 491 Capstone Project II
  • CIS 215 Introduction to Scripting Languages
  • CIS 445/545 Integrative Programming and Technology
  • CIS 452/552 Computer Game Modification
  • CIS 456/556 Game Engine Programming
  • CIS 495/595 Software and Web Applications Security


Dr. A. Uskov has published 10 journal articles and more than 35 conference papers. His current research focuses on 1) Web, software and computer network security, 2) VPN technology, 3) computer game technology, 4) rich streaming multimedia technology, and 5) mobile programming and technology. He was awarded with several Caterpillar Fellowship grants during the 2009-2012 time period. He is a member of the IEEE – CS (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers – Computer Society), ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), and IGDA (International Game Developers Association).


Administration, management and technical support for computer equipment in five department labs with 80+ computers and servers.