Masters In Computer Science Online

The online master’s degree in computer science is a 33-hour program that enhances your skills for a career in networking, data science, software engineering, and other related fields.

Preparing You For Success

The CS master’s degree sharpens your skills in concepts related to artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer architecture, modern operating systems, software engineering, and networking. You will have the opportunity to develop expertise in software engineering and data science. Our graduate computer science program will develop your analytical, technical, managerial, and business communications skills and prepare you for the highest-paying technology careers.

Making Your Mark

Recent graduates are working at places such as Capital One Financial Co., Caterpillar Inc., Epic Systems, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM, Microsoft, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Graduate Admission Requirements

Learn more about graduate admission standards and application requirements on our Requirements page.

Program Admission Requirements

  • Résumé or CV
  • Completion of the following coursework:
    • Discrete mathematics
    • At least two semesters of calculus, matrix, or linear algebra
    • At least one semester of calculus-based statistic
    • At least 15 hours of computer science coursework including knowledge of one structured or object-oriented programming language, elementary data structures, assembly language, advanced data structures, and introductory computer architecture

Graduate Program Requirements

Required Courses - 12 hrs.

  • CS 520: Advanced Computer Architecture - 3 hrs.
  • CS 590: Fundamentals of Software Engineering - 3 hrs.
  • CS 514: Algorithms - 3 hrs.
  • CS 571: Database Management Systems - 3 hrs.

Other Requirements 21 hrs.

  • CIS 530: Information Technology Infrastructure - 3 hrs.
  • CS 560: Fundamentals of Data Science - 3 hrs.
  • CS 592: Requirements Development - 3 hrs.
  • CS 562: Machine Learning - 3 hrs.
  • CS 563: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining - 3 hrs.
  • CS 591: Software Project Management - 3 hrs.
  • CS 593: Agile Software Development - 3 hrs.

Note: This online degree may be completed in 5 terms.