Concentration in Theoretical Computer Science

The graduate concentration in theoretical computer science prepares you to pursue a doctorate in computer science.

Preparing For Your Success

The theoretical computer science concentration, available for both computer science and computer information systems degrees, strengthens your understanding of computer science theory. Courses cover algorithms and methods of programming languages.

Making your Mark

Theoretical computer science concentrations are valuable for further graduate study and careers in system software development, cloud computing architecture design, next generation wireless communication, cyber security, cyber-physical systems and the internet of things.

Concentration Requirements

Required Course - 3 hrs.

  • CS 514: Algorithms - 3 hrs.
    or CS 612: Automata, Computation, and Complexity - 3 hrs.

Elective Courses (choose two) - 6 hrs.

  • CS 503: Programming Methodology - 3 hrs.
  • CS 516: Programming Languages - 3 hrs.
  • CS 614: Parallel Algorithms - 3 hrs.