Yufeng Lu

Yufeng Lu

Department Chair and Associate Professor

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4254
    (309) 677-3564



Research and Professional Interests:

  • Digital signal processing
  • Hardware software co-design using FPGA
  • Ultrasonic NDE (nondestructive evaluation)
  • VHDL

Recent Publications:

  • Y. Lu, E Oruklu, and J. Saniie, “Fast chirplet transform with FPGA based implementation”, IEEE Signal Processing Letter, vol. 15, pp. 577-580, December 2008.
  • Y. Lu, R.Demirili, G.Cardoso, and J.Saniie, “A successive parameter estimation algorithm for chirplet signal decomposition”, IEEE Transaction on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, vol. 53, no.11, pp. 2121- 2131, November 2006.
  • Y. Lu, E. Oruklu, and J.Saniie, “Pattern recognition and quantitative evaluation of defects using ultrasonic chirplet signal decomposition”, Proceedings of the IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, September 2009 [in print].
  • E. Oruklu, Y. Lu, and J.Saniie, “Hilbert transform for ultrasonic NDE applications: pitfalls and solutions ”,Proceedings of the IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, September 2009 [ in print].
  • Y. Lu, E Oruklu, and J. Saniie, “Analysis of Hilbert-Huang transform for ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation”,Proceedings of IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, pp. 1499-1502, November 2008.
  • Y. Lu, E Oruklu, and J. Saniie, “Development and analysis of chirplet signal decomposition for detection, estimation and classification in sonar and NDE applications”, Journal of the Acoustic Society of America, Vol. 124, pp. 2597, October 2008.
  • Y. Lu, E. Oruklu, and J. Saniie, “FPGA-based hardware/software co-design for chirplet signal decomposition”,Proceedings of Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI (GLSVLSI-2008), May 2008.

Recent Student Projects

  • Real time video capture and image processing system with Jahnvi Vaidya ( co-advisor: Dr. In Soo Ahn)
  • ECU coprocessor design with David John Subert
  • FPGA-based QPSK transceiver design with Vinod K. Venkat Reddy Gari (co-advisor: Dr. In Soo Ahn)
  • FPGA-based LCD/Touchswitch control in VHDL with Randall Satterthwaite
  • Analysis of Hilbert transform for ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation with Sudheer Kumar Meka
  • Discrete cosine transform (DCT) based FPGA system design with Mandeep K Alluru
  • Digital signal processing HW/SW co-simulation on FPGA (Caterpillar fellowship project)