Tanya Marcum

Tanya Marcum

Department Chair, Professor of Business Law

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 3128
    (309) 677-2272


J.D., Thomas M. Cooley Law School
B.S., Business, Central Michigan University



Tanya Marcum has been at Bradley University since 2007.  Her work experience includes 10 years as in-house legal counsel for the Internal Revenue Service and nine years teaching at Central Michigan University.  She is an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan. 


Dr. Marcum teaches BLW 342, Legal Environment of Business, BLW 345, Law of Business, BLW 347, Law and the Entrepreneur, BLW 540, Legal Environment for Managers, and BUS 641, Legal Issues in Business (EMBA). Tanya was the 2010 winner of the Caterpillar Faculty Award for Teaching and the Foster College of Business 2009 Innovation in Teaching Award. 


Dr. Marcum has published over 60 referred journal articles in many prestigious law reviews and business journals. Her research interests include alternative dispute resolution, whistleblowers, employment law, legal issues surrounding business start-ups, and instruction. Dr. Marcum has received several awards for her research including the 2021 Caterpillar Professorship, and 2019 Samuel Rothberg Professional Excellence Award.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles in the Last Five Years

Lewer, J.  Corbett C., Marcum, T.M, & Highfill, J. (2021) (in press). Offering Makeup Exams: Do Teachers Care “What Happened?” Applied Economics Letters.

Lewer, J., Corbett, C., Marcum, T.M., & Highfill, J. (2020).  Modeling Student Effort: Flat Tires and Dead Batteries, 66(2) The American Economists 301-314.

Marcum, T.M., Blair, E.S. (2020). Value of Values: An Update on the L3C, Its Uses and Possibilities. 88(4) University of Missouri at Kansas City Law Review, 927-953.

Marcum, T.M., Young, J. (2020). Defining the Whistleblower: The Digital Realty Case and Proposed Legislation, Richmond Journal of Law & Technology, 26(3).

Marcum, T.M., Young, J. (2020). Blowing the Whistle in the Digital Age: Are You Really Anonymous? The Perils and Pitfalls of Anonymity in Whistleblowing Laws, DePaul University Business & Commercial Law Journal, 17(1), 1-38.

Highfill, J. & Marcum, T.M. (2019). Modeling Undergraduate Student Effort: Exploring the Gap Between Effort and Grade, 19(1) Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 56-66.

Marcum, T.M., Cameron, E.A., Versweyveld, L. (2018). Never Off the Clock: The Legal Implications of Employees’ After Hour Work, Labor Law Journal, 69(2), 73-82.

Marcum, T.M., Blair, E.S. (2017). Over- and Under-Funding: Crowdfunding Concerns of the Parties Involved, DePaul Business and Commercial Law Journal, 16(1) 1-25.

Marcum, T.M., Perry, S.J. (2017). Boiling Mad Consumers Over Boilerplate Language: Non-Disparagement Clauses in Online Sales Contracts, Labor Law Journal, 68(1), 5-10.

Perry, S.J., Marcum, T.M. (2017). Unmasking the Anonymous Online Speaker: Balancing Free Speech and Defamation, Labor Law Journal, 67(4), 529-529.

Campbell, E.A., Marcum, T.M. (2016). The Search for Equality Through the Rule of Law, University of Detroit Merch Law Review, 93(1) 1-28.

Research Awards

  • Caterpillar Professorship, 2021
  • Samuel Rothberg Professional Excellence Award, Bradley University, 2019
  • Distinguished Research Award, Society for the Advancement of Information Technology, 2019
  • Schultze Publication Award, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Exchange (EIX), 2017
  • 2014 Schultze Award, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Exchange (EIX), 2015
  • Outstanding Paper in 2012 Proceedings Award, Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business, 2012
  • Nomination For Exemplary Legal Writing, Green Bag, supported by George Mason School of Law, 2011
  • Zacharias Memorial Prize for Scholarship in Professional Responsibility, Am. Bar Association Committee on Ethics, 2010

Leadership in Academic Societies

  • Board Member, MBAA International Organization, 2010 - Present
  • Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business, 2011-2012

Practice in Field

Attorney, Office of Chief Counsel, Internal Revenue Service, 1987 - 1996.


Dr. Marcum is a current member of the Rothberg Award Selection Committee, Women and Gender Studies Committee, Start Smart Salary Negotiations Team, Sabbatical Leave University Senate Committee, and Contractual Arrangements University Senate Committee. Dr. Marcum also currently serves as the chair of the FCB Research and Teaching Committee, the FCB Parliamentarian, the FCB Constitution Amendment Task Force, and the FCB Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force.

Dr. Marcum is the advisor to the Women in Business Organization and the Beta Nu chapter of Sigma Kappa.

Dr. Marcum has played leadership roles in the Midwest Academy of Legal Studies of Business, the Advisory Council to the MBAA International Organization, and the Academy of Legal Studies in Business at the co-chair of the student paper competition. She also serves as a reviewer to several academic journals.