Carmen Keist

Carmen Keist

Associate Professor

    Westlake Hall 245
    (309) 677-3202


Ph.D., Apparel Merchandising and Design, Iowa State University
M.S., Textiles and Clothing, Iowa State University
B.A., Family and Consumer Sciences: Apparel Merchandising and Design, Illinois State University


Prior to working at Bradley University, Dr. Keist worked and received tenure from Western Illinois University. She earned her Doctorate from Iowa State University where she worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Textiles and Clothing Museum on campus. Before starting at Iowa State University, she interned at The McLean County Museum of History in Bloomington, Illinois.


Dr. Keist teaches classes in apparel production and merchandising. Her specialties include fashion history, textiles, and apparel product development


Her research interests include 20th century dress history specifically exploring plus sized women’s ready-to-wear fashions.

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At Bradley, Dr. Keist serves on the faculty grievance committee, women’s and gender studies advisory board, the teacher preparation program advisory committee, chair of the EHS tenure and promotion committee, and chair of the EHS elections committee. Outside the university, she has served on the regional and national board of Costume Society of America. She is also a member of Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Practices and the Dress and Body Association.