Do you want to change the world? Find out how people have done that in the past.

History is the study of change over time. In a world where change happens faster than ever, understanding change and changemakers is critical to strategic decision making and to implementing change from the local to the global level.

A history degree from Bradley University will equip you with the tools to analyze and understand the causes and impacts of change, improve your ability to communicate orally and in writing, and train you in advanced research skills. These are skills you’ll need for graduate studies and a wide range of career fields, like education, business, law, academia, politics, non-profits, the arts, and ministry.

You can combine this major with the History/Social-Studies Teaching major (HSST) to give you a clear path to a career in education. We offer interdisciplinary minors in African American Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) that also align well with a history major.

Take advantage of our ample opportunities for experiential learning and internships in public history, digital humanities, and with nonprofits. Our majors and minors include study abroad opportunities to give you firsthand knowledge of other places and cultures. All of our programs give you the flexibility to tailor your career goals and interests by adding additional majors and minors or skill-building concentrations like Difference, Identity, and Power or Digital Humanities and Public History.