If you plan to live on campus, you can choose to live in special Honors housing. It’s not required, however, and many program students pick other residential options.

Williams Hall and the Living Learning Community

During your first year, you can select the second or third floor of Williams Hall, both of which are reserved for Honors students. These floors are part of the Honor Living Learning Community: as a first-year student, you’ll select one of the Honors Seminars dedicated to the Living Learning Community, which means you’ll have at least one course with someone you know from your housing. In many cases, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in optional floor events outside of class time with your classmates and faculty members in the Living Learning Community. Living on an Honors floor means you’ll build a strong connection with other students in the program as soon as you get to campus. 

You can also take advantage of the other perks of Honors Housing in Williams Hall:

  • Move in one day early to avoid the rush on Saturday morning when the residence halls open
  • Attend special floor programming and extra social events coordinated by your Residential Advisors, who are also members of the Honors Program
  • Have an assigned Honors Program roommate or if you have a preferred roommate who isn’t an Honors student, they can still join you in Honors housing.
  • Stay in Honors Housing as a returning student, where many of our second-year students are mixed in on these floors. 

Honors Housing in Williams Hall is available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are approximately 165 students living on the Honors floor. If you're interested, please visit the Bradley Bound site to access the housing application to indicate your preference for Honors Housing and the Honors Living Learning Community.

To reserve your spot as a new student:

  1. The link for the Housing application will appear at your Bradley Bound site after submitting your enrollment fee
  2. Select Honors Housing
  3. Complete the Honors Housing application
  4. Rank Honors Housing as your first choice in the Housing Application.

If you are a returning student, you’ll receive instructions to sign up for Honors Housing in your Bradley email.

Honors Housing at St. James

As a junior or senior, you can also choose to live in the St. James apartments where we have one building reserved for Honors Program students. These are apartment-style buildings owned by Bradley University. Each unit houses four students with a kitchen, living room, four single-bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

Unlike the other St. James apartments, the Honors building has a community space. One of the units has been renovated to create a space you’ll share with the other Honors students in St. James. It includes a kitchen, living room, study rooms, and a game room. We’ll host special events such as game nights and potluck dinners in this space throughout the year. Similar to Williams Hall, you’re welcome to include roommates who aren’t part of the Honors Program.

To reserve your place, select the Honors floor online when you sign up for housing.

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