Aurelio Delgado

Account Manager
Omron Corporation
Bradley graduate, 2016: Mechanical Engineering

Aurelio will soon celebrate his fourth anniversary at OMRON Automation Americas, after interning with the company during his studies at Bradley. After a rigorous first-year training program in Chicago, he moved to Los Angeles to become an Account Manager, providing automation solutions to customers in many industries, primarily in food & beverage, semiconductor, medical, and aerospace areas. During his first year, he won the company’s Sales Excellence Award and after his second, the President’s Circle of Excellence Award. This position has evolved into a dream company and dream job for him.

As to the benefits of the Honors Program, Aure cites:

In my particular case, coming from Venezuela, I had not been exposed to the arts before. I loved being exposed to seminars and professors whom I would have not had the chance to interact with in my traditional Engineering classes. The biggest benefit was getting out of my comfort zone and becoming a more well-rounded person/engineer/student. The experiences in the Honors Program gave me a chance to learn new ideas about arts, business, communication, and health that have helped me connect with my employer, co-workers, and customers these last four years.

And is there a specific event that stands out where your experience in the Honors Program was particularly beneficial?

There are two specific events that stand out:

  1. Going to a Peoria Symphony concert: our reception and networking with other students and then riding together to the Civic Center and experiencing what we had been studying in our classical music seminar was an unforgettable event.
  2. Taking the International Perspectives seminar with Prof. Toel: his teaching and advice have been the most influential words of wisdom that I took from my time at Bradley. It is such a pleasant irony that the professor who left a permanent footprint on me is not a professor from the School of Engineering and without the Honors Program, I would have not met him. I encourage all Honors Program students to take his seminar!

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Aurelio Delgado