Ray Hazlip

Ray Hazlip


    Caterpillar Global Communication Center 329
    (309) 677-2367



Ray Hazlip received his Bachelors of Computer Science in Game Design Degree from Full Sail University in 2012. Before attending college, Ray served in the US military as a combat medic with a tour of duty to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007-2008. After he came home, he immediately began applying to colleges to learn how to design video games. Once he successfully finished college, Ray began working at Wargaming USA (formerly in San Francico, CA, but now in Austin, TX) to work on World of Tanks. From there, he used his leadership and organizational skills acquired from the military to become a game producer and worked on several more titles such as World of Tanks Console, World of Warplanes, and World of Warships.

Ray has also worked on several AAA titles that include Saints Row, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and other unreleased or pending titles. Ray has said that his goal in his life, ever since he attended college himself, was to become an instructor like the ones that taught him because “making games is fun, but explain to people how to make games is fulfilling.” Currently, when not working on draft documents for different games or helping students, Ray writes his own science fiction books. You can see his author page here.