Zach Abbott

Zach Abbott


    Caterpillar Global Communication Center 133B
    (309) 677-4251



Zach Abbott is a game developer who has been working in the industry for 6 years. After graduating from the Interactive Media Department himself, Zach started his career at Jump Simulation creating AR, VR, and mobile games to gamify nursing education for the OSF Healthcare System. Most notably among these works was the AR Code Cart app, which was used in a study published in the journal Human Factors.

In 2020, Zach began working on shopping visualization with InContext Solutions who regularly partnered with big name brands such as Kellogs, Diageo, and The Coca-Cola Company. While here, Zach was able to better hone his programming skills in C#, SQL, Network Architecture, and the Unity Game Engine.

Since 2022, Zach has been teaching full time at Bradley, focusing on coding, design, and the production pipelines. Zach believes that, “Games are what movies were to books…the next step forward,” and tries to impart the idea that games are pivotal pieces of art in today's society to his students. In his spare time, Zach works on a personal indie game that he hopes to publish in the coming years with an ultimate goal of starting an indie game studio in Peoria!