Game Art (BA/BS)

Game Art is a fast-growing industry where you take your passion for art and create stunning visuals for digital real-time environments like video games, movies, architectural visualization and more. Game Art covers a wide spectrum of visual aspects, including concept art, asset creation, environment art, character art and animation.

Preparing You for Success

As a game art student, you’ll learn to create optimized 3D content for videogames. Your classes will develop your artistic, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, the kind you’ll need to be successful in your professional career as a game artist. Industry-experienced faculty will guide you through crafting a professional portfolio, and you’ll be in close collaboration with students and faculty in our top-ranked game design program.

By the time you graduate, your experience may include:

  • Hands-on learning with industry-standard software packages
  • Personal and professional growth through game jams and other competitions
  • An internship at a distinguished company working in game art or real-time visualization
  • Opportunities to show your digital artwork to the public at the annual FUSE exhibit

Making Your Mark

The artistic eye and technical skills needed to be a game art professional are in high demand — not only for the video game industry but in any profession that uses visuals in a real-time environment. As a game artist, you’ll have the satisfaction of creating the characters, objects and scenery to build new worlds.

BA/BS Major Requirements

Required Courses - 56 hrs.

  • IM 110: Introduction to Game Development - 3 hrs.
    or IM 140 Introduction to Animation - 3 hrs.
  • ART 101: Drawing 1 - 3 hrs.
  • ART 102: Drawing 2 - 3 hrs.
  • IM 130: Game Art Fundamentals - 3 hrs.
  • IM 150: Fundamentals of Interactive Design - 3 hrs.
  • IM 226: Practicum - 4 hrs.
  • IM 233: 2D for Game Art - 3 hrs.
  • IM 230: Game Art Development - 3 hrs.
  • IM 235: Environment Art - 3 hrs.
  • IM 333: Character Art - 3 hrs.
  • IM 335: Advanced Game Art - 3 hrs.
  • IM 355: New Media Theory - 3 hrs.
  • IM 389: Game Production II - 3 hrs.
  • IM 426: Practicum – 4 hrs.
  • IM 450: Critical Issues in Interactive Media - 3 hrs.
  • IM 459: Computer Game Capstone Project - 3 hrs.
  • IM 489: Game Capstone II - 6 hrs.