Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

The industrial engineering master’s degree is a 30-hour program that strengthens your understanding of industrial systems both in the manufacturing and service sectors, including their business and financial practices. Your training gives you tools to improve performance of organizations by reducing their operational costs without losing the quality of products and services.

Preparing You for Success

As a student in the graduate industrial engineering program, you have the opportunity to takes classes in statistics and operations research along with quantitative methods of problem solving. You will have the opportunity to conduct research in a field of your choice. These experiences strengthen your ability to solve systems problems and perform independent research projects, skills valuable to any organization. You have five years to complete the degree, though it typically takes three or four semesters. At the end, you are prepared to take on responsible positions in managing industrial enterprises.

Making Your Mark

Bradley’s graduate industrial engineering graduates are recruited by manufacturing and service industries such as hospitals, banks and consulting organizations. In recent years, almost all industrial engineering graduates found jobs after graduation. They found employment in positions such as supply chain analysts, quality engineers, production supervisors and systems analysts. They’re working at places such as Microsoft, John Deere, Caterpillar, Accenture, and Kohler.

Graduate Program Requirements

Required Courses - 13 hrs.

  • IME 511: Engineering Statistical methods - 3 hrs.
  • IME 512: Design and Analysis of Experiments - 3 hrs.
  • IME 514: Introduction to Operations Research - 3 hrs.
  • IME 501 Engineering Cost Analysis - 3 hrs.
  • FIN 522 - Introduction to Finance - 2 hrs.
  • FIN 622 - Financial Management - 3 hrs.
  • FIN 624 - Capital Budgeting - 3 hrs.
  • FIN 625 - Financial Analysis - 3 hrs.

Thesis or Research Option (choose one)

  • IME 699 Thesis - 6 hrs.
  • IME 691 Research - 3 hrs.

Elective Courses

  • The remainder of the 32 credit hours can be fulfilled by any 500 or 600-level IME courses.