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Industrial Engineering

The industrial engineering major gives you the skills needed to design, operate, manage and improve complex systems that involve people, materials, information, equipment and money.

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Manufacturing Engineering

The manufacturing engineering major gives you the knowledge and skills to design and optimize materials, manufacturing, production and supply chain systems.

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Industrial Engineering - Engineering Management Concentration

The concentration in engineering management prepares you for management roles in engineering settings. It focuses on management of technology and intellectual property, research and development, engineering and technical projects, people, resources, organizations, quality and team-based projects.

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Manufacturing Engineering - Lean Manufacturing Concentration

The concentration in lean manufacturing gives you the knowledge and skills to design and optimize manufacturing, production, and supply chain systems by reducing operational costs and upholding quality of products and services.

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Industrial Engineering - Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering Concentration

The logistics and supply chain engineering concentration provides students with problem solving and analytical skills, particularly as they pertain to transportation of material, inventory management, production planning, and distribution network optimization within complex supply chain systems.

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Manufacturing Engineering - Process Engineering Concentration

The concentration in process engineering gives you knowledge to understand and improve processes that drive the automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and many other industries.

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Industrial Engineering - Systems Engineering Concentration

The systems engineering concentration prepares students to be equipped with knowledge on how to design, operate and manage complex systems.

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Manufacturing Engineering Technology

The manufacturing engineering technology major prepares you with the knowledge and skills in developing and integrating the entire manufacturing systems from product design through after-sale service.

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