Quality Engineering

The quality engineering minor, which is open to all students, strengthens your ability to analyze the quality of products and services, as well as the efficiency of the systems that produce them. It is open to students outside the industrial engineering and manufacturing engineering programs. Courses in analytical math and statistics give you measurement tools. Additionally, systems courses help you understand how processes work together.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses - 11 hrs.

  • IME 311: Engineering Statistics I
    and IME 312: Engineering Statistics II
    or MTH 325: Probability and Statistics I
    and MTH 326: Probability and Statistics II
    or QM 262: Quantitative Analysis I
    and 263 Quantitative Analysis II
  • IME 302 Introduction to Quality Engineering
    or IME 522 Manufacturing Quality Control
    or IMT 262 Applied Statistics and Quality Control
  • M L 350 Managing in Organizations

Electives - 9 hrs.

Choose no more than one course from each area.

  • Metrology
    • IMT 362 Metrology and Instrumentation
    • ME 303 Instrumentation and Measurement
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools
    • IME 512 Design and Analysis of Experiments
    • IME 524 Advanced Quality Control
  • Information Systems
    • IME 497 Information Systems Design
    • MIS 173 Information Systems and Business Applications
    • CS 310 Information Structures and Management
  • Quality in Design
    • IME 526 Reliability Engineering
  • Other Quality-Related Areas
    • Other courses to be approved by the IMET Dept.