Robotics & Autonomous Vehicles Concentration

This multidisciplinary program between mechanical and electrical engineering departments offers state of the art curriculum to meet the demands of this ever-changing industry.

Robots or autonomous vehicle systems generally are interconnected, interactive and physical tools that:

  • Perceive the environment using sensors
  • Reason about events and make intelligent plans
  • Perform appropriate actions enabled by actuators

Preparing You for Success

Our Mechanical Engineering professors provide students with a solid background in and a deep understanding of various technical principles and a strong awareness of the components that comprise robotics and autonomous systems. The Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles concentration is a balance between theory, hands-on laboratory experiments, current challenges and novel applications, and implementation of this technology in various commercial applications. In taking the courses in this concentration, students will acquire the most important and essential knowledge/skills in the most effective way.

Making your Mark

Bradley’s Robotics Engineering concentration not only prepares you to pursue multiple career paths immediately after graduation, but it develops transferable skills that will help you throughout your career.


Bradley's mechanical engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

Concentration Requirements

The Robotics Concentration requires the complete Mechanical Engineering curriculum with the following exceptions:

Required Courses - 9 hrs.

  • ME 561: Introduction to Robotics - 3 hrs.
    or ECE 444: Introduction to Autonomous Robotics - 3 hrs.
  • ME 562: Dynamics, Modeling, and Control of Robots - 3 hrs.
  • ME 564: Sensors, Actuators, and Computer Vision - 3 hrs.

Elective Courses - 6 hrs.

  • CS 461: Artificial Intelligence (ME-273 can serve as a prerequisite) - 3 hrs.
    or CS 462: Machine Learning (ME-273 can serve as a prerequisite) - 3 hrs.
    or CS 463:  Knowledge  Discovery  and  Data  Mining  (ME-273  can  serve  as  a prerequisite) - 3 hrs.
  • ME 549: Microprocessor Interfacing in Mechanical Systems - 3 hrs.
    or ECE 468: Introduction to Mechatronics - 3 hrs.