Concentration in Global Supply Chain Management

The concentration in global supply chain management prepares you to analyze and manage processes that enable firms to coordinate activities around the world to produce and deliver goods.

Preparing You For Success

Global supply chain management courses show you how industries are connected as items are designed, assembled and delivered. You learn how to make production and delivery systems serve customers more effectively and be more environmentally friendly. Courses include an introduction that uses supply chain experts around the world to give you insight into supply chain structure and function. You also study alongside professionals as you explore supply chain strategy and inventory management tools. You finish the degree by working with engineering students on a semester-long research project for a local business or nonprofit.

By the time you graduate, your experiences may include:

  • Opportunities to conduct research with faculty and present it at national and international conferences
  • Professional development and networking through the student APICS chapter and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
  • Internships with businesses, trade groups and retail companies such as Frito-Lay

Making Your Mark

GSCM majors are valued by manufacturing companies, hospitals, the technology sector and even The Walt Disney Company. In recent years, all GSCM majors found jobs within six months of graduation. They’re working at places such as Amazon, Ryerson, Anheuser-Busch, C.H. Robinson, XPO Logistics and Target.

Concentration Requirements

Marketing Major Required Courses - 10.5 hrs.

  • MTG 205: Marketing Presentations - 1.5 hrs.
  • MTG 315: Principles of Marketing - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 341: Marketing Research I - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 490: Managerial Marketing - 3 hrs.

Concentration Required Courses - 15 hrs.

  • MTG 388: Global Supply Chain Management - 3 hrs.
  • IME 385: Introduction to Logistics Engineering - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 394: Supply Chain Tools and Techniques - 3 hrs.
  • I B 302: Global Trade Management - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 304: Professional Selling - 3 hrs.
    or MTG 420: Business Marketing - 3 hrs.

All classes listed below (including IB 302 and IME 385) will be considered marketing hours that count toward fulfilling the required 24 hours of marketing credit.

Students must also complete Foster College's business core.