International Business

International business prepares you to be a culturally sensitive citizen in the global economy.

Preparing You For Success

International business courses show you how industries are connected across the world. In addition to learning foundational research and communication tools, you learn about differences in cultures, economies and politics that affect the global landscape. To complete the degree, you complete a yearlong research project for a local business or nonprofit organization. As part of the project, you analyze global market opportunities for a client, learn about its competitors and develop strategies to introduce the company’s products or services to a new market.

By the time you graduate, your experiences may include:

  • A semester or short-term study abroad
  • Courses in a foreign language
  • A second major or minor within the Foster College of Business
  • Professional development and networking through the Global Business Association and Global Ambassadors

Making Your Mark

International business majors are valued by banks, higher education and corporations with a global presence. Most IB majors seek employment with companies engaged in international business activities such as exporters and multinational companies. Other potential employers include banks, trading companies, research and consulting firms, transportation agencies, port authorities, international economic institutions and state or federal agencies. In recent years, almost all IB majors found jobs within six months of graduation.

Major Requirements

World Language - 12 hrs.

  • For French, German or Spanish: 12 hours at 200 level or above, with 3 semesters in the same language.
  • For Portuguese, Russian, Hindi or Mandarin: 12 hours at the 100 level or above, with all credits in a single language.

International Studies - 12 hrs.

  • IS 103: Fundamentals of International Studies: Global Analysis - 3 hrs.
  • IS 104: Introduction to International Studies: Area Analysis - 3 hrs.
  • *Area Studies - 6 hrs.
    • Africa: IS 340, IS 440, IS 448
    • Asia: IS 182, IS 385
    • East Asia: HIS 207, IB 204, IS 285, IS 318, IS 381
    • Europe: IS 330, IS 331
    • Globalization: IS 410, IS 475
    • Latin America: HIS 125, IS 322, IS 323
    • Middle East: HIS 206, IS 363
    • Russia/CIS: HIS 208, IS 353, IS 355, IS 359
    • South and Southeast Asia: IS 373

International Business - 15 hrs.

  • IB 206: Introduction to International Business - 3 hrs.
  • IB 302: Global Trade Management - 3 hrs.
  • IB 323: International Financial Management - 3 hrs.
  • IB 390: International Monetary Economics - 3 hrs
    or *IB 391: International Trade - 3 hrs.
  • IB 446: Global Marketing Management - 3 hrs.

* An IS course used to satisfy the BCC World Cultures or Global Perspectives requirement may be counted toward the Area Studies requirement in International Business. Courses fulfilling the Area Studies requirement, other than those listed above, must be approved by the director of the International Business program.

Other Requirements

  • A second major or minor in business - min 12 hrs.
  • Study abroad - 3 hrs.

Students must also complete Foster College's business core.