While marketing majors have a variety of in-depth exposures to this important and productive field, other students at Bradley may benefit from marketing courses, as well. The Marketing minor enhances other programs of study and provides career flexibility. Students with a minor in marketing will:

  • Benefit from enhanced employment opportunities
  • Develop an understanding of the marketing and customer issues applicable to all firms
  • Learn communication skills that will facilitate cross-functional relationships with marketing personnel

Minor Requirements

Required Courses - 15 hrs.

  • ECO 100 Introduction to Economics - 3 hrs.
    or ECO 221 Principles of Microeconomics - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 315 Principles of Marketing - 3 hrs.
  • Marketing Electives (numbered 300 or above) - 9 hrs.

Marketing minors whose major is also from the Foster College of Business must have at least 12 hours in courses that are unique from those used to fulfill their major requirement.