Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing minor prepares students for addressing a critical area of concern to retailers, sports marketers, nonprofit marketers and other entities that wish to create a community around their market offerings. Organizations across any array of market sectors are heavily engaged in social media marketing and foresee continued expansion of those activities.

Specific Objectives

  • Build a foundation in consumer behavior that allows students to understand the mechanisms that may be influenced through social media (e.g., social identity, product perceptions, consumer motivation, attitude formation).
  • Develop an understanding of the basic principles underlying consumer information processing.
  • Develop a framework for understanding firm decisions regarding goals and objectives for marketing programs and the implications for the use of social media.
  • Be able to support the integration of social media into the marketing mix decisions of the firm (e.g., customer communication, community building, generation of product enhancement ideas, customer feedback.)

Minor Requirements

Required Courses - 12 hrs.

  • MTG 315 Principles of Marketing - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 350 Consumer Behavior - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 381 Integrated Marketing Communications - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 391 Social Media Marketing - 3 hrs.

Elective Courses (choose one) - 3 hrs.

  • MTG 355 Sports Marketing - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 304 Professional Selling - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 393 Retailing - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 405 Strategic Advertising Cases - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 410 Services Marketing - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 420 Business Marketing - 3 hrs.