Robert Fuller

Robert Fuller


    Bradley Hall 277
    (309) 677-4087


Ph.D., Religious Studies, University of Chicago
B.A., Religious Studies, Denison University
M.A., Religious Studies, University of Chicago


Robert Fuller came to Bradley from the University of Chicago where he received his Ph.D. in the fields of "Religion and Psychological Studies" and "American Religion." He teaches courses titled "Survey of Eastern Religion", "Religion in Contemporary America", "A Philosophical Description of the Human Condition" and "The Psychology of Religion." Professor Fuller's research concerns the relationship between psychology and religion as well as the study of contemporary religion in the United States. In addition to more than forty journal articles, Dr. Fuller has published thirteen books.



  • RLS 331 - Religions of the Eastern World
  • RLS 200 - Contemporary Religion in the United States
  • RLS 280 - The Psychology of Religion
  • RLS 497 - Problems in Religious Studies
  • RLS 498 - Problems in Religious Studies



  • The Body of Faith: A Biological History of Religion in America (University of Chicago Press, 2013)
  • Spirituality in the Flesh: Bodily Sources of Religious Experiences (Oxford University Press, 2008)
  • Wonder: From Emotion to Spirituality (University of North Carolina Press, 2006)
  • Religious Revolutionaries (Palgrave/McMillan, 2004)
  • Spiritual, But Not Religious: Understanding Unchurched America (Oxford University Press, 2001)
  • Stairways to Heaven: Drugs in American Religious History (Westview Press, 2000)
  • Religion and Wine (University of Tennessee Press, 1996)
  • Naming the Antichrist (Oxford University Press, 1995)
  • Ecology of Care: An Interdisciplinary View of the Self and Moral Obligation (Westminster Press, 1992)
  • Alternative Medicine and American Religious Life (Oxford University Press, 1989). Japanese edition by Shinjuku Shobo Co., 1992
  • Religion and the Life Cycle (Fortress Press, 1988)
  • Americans and the Unconscious (Oxford University Press, 1986)
  • Mesmerism and the American Cure of Souls (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1982)

Selected Articles

  • "Body Posture and Religious Attitudes," co-authored with Derek Montgomery, Archive for the Psychology of Religion (December, 2015)
  • "On the Varieties of Sexual Experience: A Cross-Cultural Exploration of the Links between Religiosity and Human Mating Strategies," co-authored with Dave Schmitt, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (November, 2015)
  • "Does Guilt Motivate Prayer?," co-authored with Tony Hermann, Austin Simpson, and Mark Lehman, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (September, 2015)
  • "Spirituality in the Flesh: The Role of Discrete Emotions in Religious Life," Journal of American Academy of Religion (March, 2007)
  • "Wonder and Religious Sensibility," Journal of Religion (July, 2006)
  • "American Psychology and the Religious Imagination," Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences (July, 2006)
  • "Fresh Takes On A Classic: William James's 'Varieties' Approaches its Centennial" Religious Studies Review (Spring, 2000).
  • "The Will to Believe: A Centennial Reflection," Journal of the American Academy of Religion (Fall, 1996).
  • "Erikson, Psychology, and Religion," Pastoral Psychology (Fall, 1996).
  • "Wine, Symbolic Boundary Setting, and American Religious Communities," Journal of the American Academy of Religion (Fall, 1995).
  • "American Pragmatism Reconsidered: William James’s Ecological Ethic," Journal of Environmental Ethics (Summer, 1992).
  • "Biographical Origins of Psychological Ideas: Freud’s Cocaine Studies," The Journal of Humanistic Psychology (July, 1992).
  • "The Turn to Alternative Medicine," Second Opinion (Summer, 1992).
  • "Psychological Religiousness: Resisting the Tide of Disenchantment," Pastoral Psychology (Spring, 1988).
  • "Unorthodox Medicine and American Religious Life," The Journal of Religion (January, 1987).
  • "Religion and Empiricism in the Works of Peter Berger," Zygon (December, 1987).