Jihyun Kim

Jihyun Kim

Associate Professor

    Bradley Hall 484
    (309) 677-3444


Ph.D., Political Science (International Relations and Comparative Politics), University of South Carolina


Jihyun Kim holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of South Carolina where she specialized in international relations and comparative politics. In addition, she has earned a B.A. in international studies from Old Dominion University and an M.A. in international affairs from American University. She also completed a workshop in “Public Policy and Nuclear Threats” at the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of California at San Diego and was an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of South Carolina.


Professor Kim teaches the Institute’s introductory course on East Asian civilizations and its upper-level courses on East Asian international relations, US-East Asian relations, and problems of contemporary East Asia. Her teaching interests include theories of war, conflict resolution and multilateral negotiations, nuclear security and nonproliferation, and Korean politics and foreign policy.


Dr. Kim’s latest publication is “Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of North Korea’s Nuclear Conundrum.” It appears in Asian Politics and Policy. Her conference paper presentations include the International Studies Association and the Midwest Political Science Association. Her current research examines questions of compliance with nuclear nonproliferation norms with a special focus on the cases of Iran and North Korea.