Coronavirus Information:
Bradley University will continue on-campus, in-person classes for the spring 2021 semester with limited restrictions.

DPT Program Estimated Costs 2019-2022

Bradley's DPT program price of $75,000 covers the entire 3-year program and is inclusive of all tuition and required fees (tuition is subject to change for each new cohort). Three payments of $25,000 are due June 15 of each year. This will not go up from year to year.

Book costs are based on the Bradley University Bookstore ( textbook prices from 2018-2019 and may be higher in the coming year. Students may also rent books from the bookstore, purchase used books, e-books, or purchase books from online retailers.

Students should own a well running laptop computer. Most exams are taken on the student’s own laptop through an exam service named ExamSoft.

On-campus parking permit/year $100 returning student, $200 new student

Currently under consideration for the start of Summer of 2019 are some web based platforms for teaching examination and intervention techniques and for patient documentation. The cost has not been entirely determined. There could be an estimated additional $500.00 during the entire program. We will update this information when we know more.

Summer 1

Tuition Payment: $24,000
Total Book Costs: $827.00
DPT Evaluation Kit: $125.00
APTA Membership: $95.00 (not required but very strongly recommended)

Fall 1

Total Book Costs: $915.00
Picture ID for Clinical Education: $7.00
Background Check for Clinical Education: $72.00
CPR Certification for Clinical Education: $38.00
Clinical Education Costs:

  • 2-step TB: $10
  • Professional Liability Insurance: $38
  • CPR Certification: $38
  • Picture ID: $7
  • Background Check: $72
  • Flu shot: Free at BU
  • Proof of Health Insurance

J-Term I

Optional – PT 761 Dry Needling Elective I: Tuition $1780, $50 activity fee

Spring 1

Total Book Costs: $533.00

Summer 2

Tuition Payment: $24,000
Optional – PT 762 Dry Needling Elective II: Tuition $1780, $50 activity fee

Fall 2

Total Book Costs: $201.00
Clinical Education Costs:

  • 1-step TB: $10
  • Professional Liability Insurance: $38
  • Flu shot: Free at BU
  • Proof of Health Insurance

Spring 2

Total Book Costs: $331.00

Summer 3

Tuition Payment: $24,000

Fall 3

Clinical Education Costs:

  • 1-step TB: $10
  • Professional Liability Insurance: $38
  • Flu Shot: Free at BU
  • Proof of Health Insurance

PT 710 Clinical Education I: Spring I
PT 800 Clinical Education II: Spring 2
PT 850 and PT 860 Clinical Education III and IV: Spring 3

Any of your clinical sites MAY request the following information: Drug test, MMR titer, Varicella titer, Updating TDAP, Booster shots with negative titers, special background checks. Other requirements from sites that we can’t guarantee but will be listed on site selection information.

All housing and transportation costs associated with clinical education are the responsibility of the student.