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Anthropology is the scientific study of a broad range of human activities. The minor introduces you to cross-cultural variations in values, worldviews and ways of life. It explores topics such as religion, art, kinship, gender roles, communication styles and body modifications. The minor, which is open to all students, often is paired with biology, history, psychology and sociology.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses - 6 hrs.

  • ANT 101: The Anthropological Perspective - 3 hrs.
  • ANT 305: Peoples and Cultures of the Non-Western World - 3 hrs.

Elective Courses - 9 hrs.

  • ANT 102: Physical Anthropology
  • ANT 303: Culture and Belief: Magic, Witchcraft and Religion
  • ANT 306: Illness and Healing in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • ANT 314: Indigenous Peoples
  • ANT 402: Qualitative Methods
  • ANT 403: Anthropology Senior Project
  • SOC 300: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender
  • SOC 311: Comparative Family Systems
  • HIS 205: Latin America
  • HIS 206: Middle East since Muhammad
  • HIS 207: Modern Japan 1860-Present
  • HIS 305: American Indian History
  • HIS 330: Modern China
  • HIS 333: Cross-Cultural Contacts
  • HIS 335: Modern Mexico
  • HIS 339: Women in Global Perspective
  • RLS 331: Religions of the East
  • RLS 340: Japanese Religion
  • RLS 121: Islamic Civilization
  • RLS 338: China: Religion and Culture

Note: No more than one HIS course and one RLS course will count toward the elective requirement. Special topics courses and other coursework will be considered for elective credit with the approval of the director of the anthropology program.

Contact information

Jackie Hogan

Professor Jackie Hogan

Director of Anthropology

Bradley Hall 115
(306) 677- 2402