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The criminology minor, which is open to all students, shows you how parts of the criminal justice system interact. Courses help you understand factors for crime and how different parts of the justice system address issues. You can customize the minor to learn about criminal justice topics of interest. The minor, which is open to all students, works well with sociology, psychology, computer information systems and political science majors.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses - 9 hrs.

  • CJS 110: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System - 3 hrs.
  • CJS 301: Theories of Crime and Justice - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 240: Research Methods - 3 hrs.
    or PLS 209: Scope and Methods of Political Science - 3 hrs.

Elective Courses (choose three) - 9 hrs.

  • *CJS 380: Topics in Crime, Law, and Justice - 3 hrs.
  • CJS 401: Ethics, Crime, and Criminal Justice - 3 hrs.
  • HIS 309: The History of U.S. Law Enforcement - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 331: Correctional Policies and Society - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 332: Juvenile Delinquency - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 333: Sociology of Violence - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 334: Crime and Society - 3 hrs.

*May be repeated under different topic for up to 6 hours of credit.

Note: Other courses, selected in consultation with the Director of Criminology, may be used to fulfill this requirement.