Spanish for Business

The Spanish for Business Minor gives students the opportunity to increase their cultural and linguistic skills with courses that focus on business. As we continue to become a more global society, the need for conducting business and communication in a multitude of languages is increasingly relevant. Nine out of ten U.S. employers rely on employees with language skills other than English.

After obtaining a solid background at Bradley University in written and oral communication skills as they pertain to the business world, students will take classes abroad, taught in Spanish by native speakers who are experts in business. Students will also complete an internship in an international, real world setting, which will also allow them to experience the culture of the country in which they study and complete their internship.

Minor Requirements

Core Courses (taken at Bradley University)- 12 hrs.

  • WLS 303: Composition - 3 hrs.
  • *WLS 304: Conversation - 3hrs.
  • **WLS 334: Commercial Spanish - 3 hrs.
  • IB 206: Introduction to International Business - 3 hrs.

Elective Courses (taken abroad) - 6 hrs.

  • Marketing course concerning international business, economics, or related field taught abroad in Spanish - 3 hrs.
  • Spanish-language based internship program abroad - 3hrs.

WLS 303, 304 and IB 206, must be taken at Bradley prior to the study abroad component of the minor.

*This course is designed for non-native and non-near-native speakers. Students with native or near-native proficiency must substitute another 300-level Spanish class.

**WLS 334 is highly recommended before completing courses abroad, but could be taken during the study abroad portion of the minor.

Students would ideally complete the study abroad requirement during a 4-6 week summer program. Requirements may also be met with a semester-long program.

Total Hours = 18