Placement Information

Students who studied a foreign language in high school or at another college or university and who wish to continue studying the same language at Bradley University must take a placement test before enrolling in a language course. Students must register for coursework at the level of placement or higher in order to receive credit for language coursework. Students must complete WL 201 (third semester) in order to qualify for the B. A. degree (see Undergraduate Catalog for details).

Students who test at the 202 level or above are required to complete only one course at that level to qualify for the B. A. With the consent of the instructor, students may elect to take a course at a higher level than the indicated placement level. Native and near native speakers of languages offered by the department are placed individually on the basis of the level of language competence in their native language.

The following options outline ways in which world languages and cultures credit may be earned at Bradley University:

  1. Complete a given course at Bradley with a grade of ‘D’ or better.
  2. Pre-approved coursework from another American college/university. Many colleges, especially community colleges, are no longer offering  courses that are equivalent to the world languages and cultures courses that are offered at Bradley University. Before enrolling in any world languages and cultures courses at another college for transfer credit to Bradley, you must obtain transfer approval from Bradley’s Department of World Languages and Cultures for that course.
  3. Receive credit for Advanced Placement tests, which are given while the student is in high school.
  4. Receive 3 hours of transfer credit under the auspices of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Students who receive a passing score on the French, Spanish or German CLEP examination, and who have not taken target language coursework at Bradley, are awarded 3 hours of elective credit and have satisfied the language requirement for the B. A. degree.
  5. Receive 3 hours of transfer-level credit for receiving a passing grade for International Baccalaureate foreign language examinations. See International Baccalaureate Transfer guide.
AP Score of 3AP Score of 4AP Score of 5
Chinese Language & Culture 3 hrs. for Chinese 201 3 hrs. for Chinese 202 3 hrs. for Chinese 202
French Language & Culture 3 hrs. for French 201 3 hrs. for French 202 3 hrs. for French 202
German Language & Culture 3 hrs. for German 201 3 hrs. for German 202 3 hrs. for German 202
Italian Language & Culture 3 hrs. for FLX 201 3 hrs. for FLX 202 3 hrs. for FLX 202
Japanese Language & Culture 3 hrs. for FLX 201 3 hrs. for FLX 202 3 hrs. for FLX 202
Latin 3 hrs. of FL elective credit 3 hrs. of FL elective credit 3 hrs. of FL elective credit
Spanish Language & Culture 3 hrs. for Spanish 201 3 hrs. for Spanish 202 3 hrs. for Spanish 202
Spanish Literature & Culture 3 hrs. of 300 Level Spanish credit 3 hrs. for Spanish Literature 315 3 hrs. for Spanish Literature 315

Placement Tests

Students new to Bradley will have the opportunity to take a placement exam during summer orientation. Students on campus already who have not taken the exam can contact the department administrative support person, Brenda Peterburs at or (309) 677-2500, for the password to the online link. Language placement tests in Chinese, French, German and Spanish are administered online. Please allow yourself up to one hour to take the exam.  

Prior to taking the placement exam, you will be asked to provide information about yourself and your previous foreign language study. Please fill out the form completely.

When the exam has been completed, scores will then be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Your placement score does not give you course credit; it only indicates the level at which you should begin your studies. It is never to your advantage to begin at the 101 level if you are more advanced in your studiesyou will simply have to take more courses to fulfill your language requirement. The 101 course is primarily for those students who have never taken the language before.

Placement Exam