College of Education and Health Sciences

Joan L. Sattler,

Lori Russell-Chapin,
Associate Dean and Graduate Studies Coordinator

The College of Education and Health Sciences at Bradley University was founded in June 1985. The mission of the College is to prepare leaders within the human service professions. The college provides innovative programs through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and collaboration with interdisciplinary and community-based partnerships. This dynamic learning environment prepares our graduates to provide services in a diverse and global society to enhance human resources and to foster life-long learning. It includes graduate degree programs within the following departments:

  1. Educational Leadership and Human Development, offering programs in leadership in educational administration, leadership in human service administration, and human development counseling. Chair: Christopher Rybak.
  2. Teacher Education, offering programs in curriculum and instruction with concentrations in assessment, early childhood education, educational technology, gifted education, literacy and education, middle school education, multidisciplinary education, reading teacher, science education, and special education. The department also offers a master's degree in curriculum and instruction special education concentration. A Reading Specialist endorsements is also available. Chair: D. Antonio Cantu.
  3. Nursing, offering a Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) in nursing administration, nurse administered anesthesia, and M.S.N-General and supportive courses in nursing. Chair: Francesca Armmer.
  4. Physical Therapy and Health Science, offering a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.). Chair: Steve Tippett.

Although the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences does not offer a graduate degree program, graduate courses are available to fulfill cognate and elective purposes.