Foster College of Business

The mission of the graduate programs in the Foster College of Business Administration is to develop students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities through high-quality programs of instruction. Our goal is to provide an educational experience that will allow for in-depth study in selected areas.

Darrell Radson, 

Robert Scott,
Associate Dean

Vince Showers,
Associate Dean

Susannah Gawor,
Director of MBA Program and the Theresa S. Falcon EMBA Program

John Gillett,
Director of Master of Science in Accounting Program

Philip Horvath,
Director of Master of Science in Quantitative Finance 


BUS 610 - Graduate Business Practicum (0-3 hours)

Solving technically challenging problems under faculty supervision, with a near-term economic benefit. May involve research in collaboration with FCBA faculty, for up to three hours credit. Repeatable to a combined total of three credit hours. Prerequisite: Graduate business student in good standing; approval of Center for Business and Economic Research and Director of Graduate Business Programs.