Dietetics Internship Courses (FCS)

FCS 505 - Advanced Food Service Systems (3 hours)
Study of food service systems approach to food service organizations: analysis of inputs, transformations, and outputs in different food service organizations. Prerequisite: Admission to Dietetic Internship Certificate program

FCS 536 - The World of Fashion II (2-6 hours)
Intensified study in a major fashion market: merchandising, public relations, advertising, and career opportunities. May be repeated for a total of six hours. Prerequisite: 10 hours in clothing and textiles; or consent of instructor.

FCS 585 - Topics in Family & Consumer Sciences (1-6 hours)
Topics of special interest which may vary each time course is offered. Topic stated in current Schedule of Classes. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing, and consent of instructor.

FCS 586 - Directed Studies in Family and Consumer Sciences (1-6 hours)
Directed studies in family and consumer sciences through selected readings and written assignments. May be repeated up to a total of 6 credit hours. Prerequisite: graduate standing in FCS; consent of instructor.

FCS 606 - Nutrition and Wellness (3 hours)
Investigates nutrition principles related to the health and wellness throughout diverse groups and community settings. Nutritional interviewing and counseling skills will be developed through interactive role play. Special emphasis is placed on application of nutritional information to solve problems through critical thinking.

FCS 607 - Clinical Dietetics (3 hours)
Designed to provide students with an in-depth review of energy requirements and nutrient metabolism in health and disease; to explore clinical applications and evidence-based practice in various disorders; to apply critical thinking to solve case studies; and to become familiar with current research through literature reviews, group discussions and presentations. Prerequisite: admission to the Dietetics Internship Certificate program.

FCS 640 - Research Methods in FCS (3 hours)
Research Methods in FCS. Concepts, methods, and strategies for research in the social and behavioral sciences. Topics include the nature of scientific research, measurement, types of research, validity of research designs, methods of data collection, and strategies for data analysis. Coding, entry, and manipulation of quantitative data including use of SPSS and its syntax will be addressed. Prerequisite: admission to the Dietetics Internship Certificate program.

FCS 688 - Research in Dietetics (0-1 hours)
Designed as a continuation of FCS 640, Research Methods in FCS, individually supervised by a faculty member in FCS. One credit hour. Students will continue to develop the research project and complete and present it. Prerequisite: FCS 640

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