Masters in Nonprofit Leadership Courses

NPL 580 - Financial Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations (3 hours)
Provides students with a comprehensive overview of financial management related to nonprofit organizations. Topics include various budgeting systems and other financial management tools; service costing and the linking of costs to performance measures; fee setting; and government contracting.

NPL 581 - Topics in Nonprofit Leadership (1-3 hours)
Topics of special interest which may vary each time course is offered. Topic stated in current Schedule of Classes. May be repeated under different topics for a maximum of six hours credit.

NPL 582 - Grant Writing in Nonprofit Leadership (3 hours)
This course is designed to provide an introduction to grant writing and methods for writing grant proposals. Students will learn to critique, research, and write grant proposals. Emphasis will be placed upon organization of a grant writing campaign and preparation of a complete proposal package.

NPL 583 - Supervision and Employee Engagement in Nonprofit Leadership (3 hours)
Focuses on the recruitment, selection, and engagement of employees within the context of mission in nonprofit organizations.

NPL 605 - Legal and Social Change (3 hours)
Analysis of the effects of legal and social change on communities and nonprofit organizations; focus on selected issues of legal and social change with diverse populations.

NPL 606 - Digital Media Applications for the Nonprofit Leader (3 hours)
This course focuses on the ever-evolving digital media tools, technologies, applications, and best practices utilized in nonprofit leadership. The design and development of innovative digital strategies using the latest digital tools to achieve specific organizational goals will be emphasized.

NPL 610 - Survey in Nonprofit Leadership (3 hours)
An introduction to the roles and responsibilities of administrators in nonprofit organizations. Trends in nonprofit service delivery, including organizational leadership and culture, human resource management, financial management, strategic planning, working with boards, marketing and public relations, social service partnership and collaboration.

NPL 612 - Strategic Planning in Nonprofit Organizations (3 hours)
Identification, analysis, and application of techniques and tools of institutional planning and evaluation. Program, personnel, financial, facility, and institutional planning. Prerequisite: NPL 610

NPL 673 - Effective Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations (3 hours)
Concepts of leadership, organizational theory, and decision making presented from multiple perspectives; focus on the practice of educational administration and nonprofit leadership.

NPL 686 - Field Experiences in Administration (0-6 hours)
A culminating experience to give the student the opportunity to work with a practicing administrator in the application of theoretical knowledge from previous coursework to administrative tasks. Accompanying seminars focus on selected topics associated with leadership and administration. Requires 150 hours of supervised activity for three hours of credit. Prerequisite: Departmental consent

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