Planning to graduate in December 2018?

November 1, 2018 is the last day to apply online through Webster or with the paper application for graduation. After November 1st, graduation applications for December 2018 will not be accepted.

Special Note: Students are required to be registered during the term in which they plan to graduate. Students who plan to graduate in December 2018 must be registered for the 2018 Fall Semester. Contact your Program Coordinator about registering. Remember to check the Schedule of Classes for the registration deadlines.

Download the PDF below for the appropriate deadlines for degree programs:

Download the PDF below for the appropriate deadlines for certificate programs:

Ordering & Picking Up Commencement Regalia

All graduate students participating in Commencement must rent their academic regalia (cap/tam, gown and hood). You will not be able to use a cap, gown, or hood used by friends in other Commencements nor allowed to use regalia purchased from sources outside of Bradley University. The rental will a keepsake cap and keepsake, gown and hood. You will have to return the gown and hood after the Commencement

Check the appropriate Important Graduate School deadlines PDF for more information on the cost to rent your cap/tam, gown and hood, deadlines that affect ordering and information on picking up your order. Online ordering is through Herff Jones.

If you do not order your academic regalia by the deadline you will not be able to participate in the December 2018 Commencement. When you pick up your academic regalia you will receive important information about the Commencement.

Application for Graduation
(Includes Commencement Participation Information)

Students who will complete their course of study and wish to graduate must complete the Graduate Application for Graduation.

Application for Graduation Apply Online

Application for Certificate Completion

Students who will complete the required course of study for a certificate must complete the Application for Certificate Completion and submit it to the Graduate School. Students cannot apply for certificate completion online at this time.

Application for Certificate Completion

Graduate Concentration Completion Form

Students who will complete the required courses for a concentration within their program must complete the Graduate Concentration Completion Form, obtain their Graduate Coordinator's signature, and submit the form to the Graduate School. Students cannot apply for concentration completion online at this time.

Concentration Completion Form

Contact the Graduation Staff

You can contact the Graduate School graduation/commencement staff directly by sending an email to They will respond to you as soon as possible.