State Authorization

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Bradley University aims to comply with all requirements issued by states and U.S.
territories regarding the operation of a higher education institution. This is known as “state authorization.” As part of this effort Bradley works with online students pursuing licensure outside of the state of Illinois to ensure that they are successfully working towards that goal.


Bradley is a member of The National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). NC-SARA seeks to improve distance education by providing valuable oversight of distance education programs. In addition, participation in NC-SARA improves the coordination of higher educational opportunities between states making it easier for student access distance education programs across state lines.

Complaint Policy

As a participant in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), Bradley has agreed to abide by the SARA student complaint process. Students should first submit a formal complaint internally following Bradley’s complaint policy.


Students need to be aware that requirements for certification and licensure may be different from state-to-state. If a student moves, they are required to update their address through the MyOnline portal. Students are responsible for determining the licensure or certification requirements in any state where they live or plan to relocate to. If a student plans to practice in a state other than where they reside, they are responsible for understanding those specific educational and other requirements, for licensure and certification.

Students who intend to relocate to a different state should visit Bradley’s State Disclosures webpage to determine if Bradley University offers the program in the student's new state.

This issue can understandably be challenging to students working as travel Nurses, who serve in the military, or are married to someone in the military. Students who anticipate residing in different states while taking classes are encouraged to work closely with their Academic Advisor and Program Director.

Bradley’s is not authorized to operate online programs in any country outside the United States. With few exceptions, students who move to another country should plan to step out of their program until they return.