Marcos Hashimoto

Marcos Hashimoto

Managing Director, Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Westlake Hall 135B
    (309) 677-4334


Ph.D. Business Administration
M.B.A. Business Administration
M.Sc. Business Planning
Lic. Secondary Education
B.S. Information Technology


Marcos Hashimoto has been at Bradley University since 2022, and has over 20 years of Academic experience and 20 years of Corporate experience in large American companies like Cargill Inc. and Citibank N.A.

Marcos is also Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at Campo Limpo Paulista University in Brazil, where he concentrates his scholarly production and Adjunct Editor of the IberoAmerican Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

As an entrepreneur, Marcos was the founder or co-founder of 4 for-profit ventures and one non-profit organization, being one with successful exit and one consulting company in business and entrepreneurship that lasted 14 years.

Regarding his experience with Entrepreneurship Centers, Marcos founded and co-founded the Centers for the two top Business Schools in Brazil (both AACSB accredited) and assisted, through his consulting company, on the creation of 13 Centers for Brazilian Universities.

Living in US with his family of wife and three children since 2016 coming from Brazil, his birth country, Marcos is passionate for martial arts (holding a Karate Shotokan 2◦ dan black belt), travel and movies.


After more than 20 years teaching Entrepreneurship, Marcos’ teaching philosophy reinforces the power of practical hands-on experience rather than theory and concepts. Going beyond business principles, his classes emphasizes the entrepreneurial mindset of risk taking, growth, locus of control and innovativeness. Along the years, Marcos had the opportunity to develop more than 200 courses at undergraduate, graduate, continuous education and executive education programs, for both online and in-person modes. Some of them are listed below:

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship: Creating an appropriate corporate environment for intrapreneurs
  • Business Plan Generation: Planning your next business
  • Design Thinking: Designers mindset to solve complex problems
  • Entrepreneurial Intention and Attitude: Challenges for nascent entrepreneurs
  • Brazil is not for Beginners: The struggles and opportunities in doing business in Brazil
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership: How to improve employees’ capabilities to generate innovation
  • Innovation and Creativity: Practical exercises to push the creative thinking and opportunities discovery
  • Change Management: Preparing your team to embrace changes and move forward
  • Strategic Vision for Small Businesses: Competitiveness and Future orientation
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Doing great by doing good

At Bradley, Marcos is in charge of several workshops and coaching sessions open to all students through the Turner School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and two curricular programs for the Foster School of Business:

  • ENT383 – Managing Entrepreneurial Growth
  • ENT382 – Entrepreneurship Startup


With 30 peer review journal publications, 39 peer review conference presentations, 4 books and 5 book chapters, Marcos has a very intensive research agenda. His current research projects involve female entrepreneurship, innovation for small businesses and the dark side of the entrepreneur. His most relevant publications are:



Academic Services

  • Co-founder and Financial Director of ANEGEPE (National Association of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Studies) (2011-2016)
  • Treasurer of Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division (2015-2018)
  • Master facilitator of Kauffman’s FastTrac Entrepreneurship program in Brazil (2010-2016)
  • Active member of USASBE and GCEC.
  • Advisor of student clubs (CEO, EIE)
  • Coordination of business plan and innovation competitions (10 national editions) and team advisor (3 international)

Professional Services

  • Development of SP Plan (Business plan software), the first national free download software for Sebrae/SP in 2003;
  • Mentoring of entrepreneurs for equity funding negotiations
  • Business and strategic plan consulting services
  • Implementation of corporate innovation programs


  • Best Paper Award at Entrepreneurship Division of Academy of Management Conference in Philadelphia, USA, 2014;
  • Excellence in Entrepreneurship Teaching and Pedagogical Innovation at Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA, 2011;
  • Entrepreneurship Education Award, category Entrepreneurship Discipline at Endeavor’s Roundtable of Entrepreneurship Education (Brazil edition), 2011;
  • Finalist at On Line Teaching Resources Material Competition at Academy of Management Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX, 2011;
  • Finalist at 3E-Learning Competition for ‘The Dilbert Principle’ sponsored by University of George Washington Univ during the USASBE Annual Meeting in Hilton Head Island, 2011;
  • Winner of the Latin Moot Corp BP Competition as the mentor professor of Sayyou project in 2010;
  • Second runner up at Global Moot Corp Business Plan Competition at University of Texas in Austin with Project in 2000.
  • Executive MBA Program ranked top 30 in Brazil at Prudente de Moraes College in Itu (2003);