Bill Berlinger

Bill Berlinger

Executive in Residence, Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 3228
    (309) 657-3787


M.B.A., Bradley University
B.S., Engineering/Physics dual degree, Bradley University


Bill Berlinger has been collaborating with Bradley University since 2018. He brings 33 years of experience around nurturing all stages of innovations – from early stage through implementation. He is currently the founder and head of Caterpillar's technology licensing business. He is a pioneer and globally recognized expert in the valuation of intangible assets, which represent more than 90% of the value of companies from startups to the Fortune 100 companies.


Because managing these intangible assets is the key to success, Bill teaches how to build a business model that manages, grows, and leverages intellectual capital. This includes 1) macroeconomics, 2) deal negotiation with hands-on cases, 3) valuation strategies to identify the potential of early-stage product development, and 4) the three languages of ICM: business and technological and intellectual property law. Majors that could find this valuable include majors in business, engineering, science, and healthcare and others that lead to innovations.

Courses currently teaching:

  • SEI 330


Ising Scholarship in Physics

15 Patents


Coach to Bradley students competing in entrepreneurship competitions

Member Board of Directors, Motivengines LLC

First Chairman of Intellectual Property Owners Association Committee on Valuation

Licensing Executive Society Leaders in Licensing Member