Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation offers a Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation to undergraduate students, regardless of their declared major or the College in which it is housed.  At Bradley University, we define entrepreneurship and innovation as follows:

Entrepreneurship is the process of discovery, evaluation and pursuit of opportunities. 

Innovation is the successful introduction of new products or practices into the market, and the successful implementation of novel ideas into practice. 

Is the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation For Me?

An entrepreneurship curriculum is useful for students in all career fields.  Examples of the types of students who would find entrepreneurship helpful include:

  • Fine arts and liberal arts students interested in self-employment or freelancing
  • Science, health science, and engineering students intending to work for innovative companies
  • Students concerned about social or environmental issues looking for new ways to make a difference in their communities
  • Students in any field who plan to open a business some day
  • Those seeking careers as accountants, lawyers, and doctors, who may start their own practice or have entrepreneurial clients
  • Any student interested in learning the language of entrepreneurship 

How Will the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Help My Career?

The work world into which graduates will enter has changed.  Today, employers are seeking graduates with enhanced skills in the areas of opportunity recognition, problem solving, and creativity.  Additionally, many graduates will pursue careers as freelancers, relying on their inventory of entrepreneurial skills to complete projects as they work for themselves.  The Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation will prepare you for the workplace of tomorrow. 

Jobs Available in the Area of Entrepreneurship

Students with entrepreneurship skills can pursue careers in a variety of settings:

  • launching high-growth entrepreneurial ventures or smaller, lifestyle firms
  • taking over a family business
  • working in a start-up venture
  • project manager for an innovative firm
  • provide professional services to entrepreneurs (accountants, lawyers, consultants)
  • member of a new product design team
  • any job that requires a creative thinker and problem solver

Requirements for the Minor

Students wanting to earn the Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation are required to complete fifteen (15) hours of coursework- nine (9) hours of required courses, and six (6) hours of electives.

Required Courses

  • ENT 280 - Entrepreneurial Creativity
  • ENT 381 - Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Students OR ENT 382- Entrepreneurship
  • ENG 305 - Technical Writing OR ENG 306 - Business Communication

Approved Elective Courses

Choose six (6) credit hours from among the following courses:

  • ENT 281 - The Entrepreneurial Career
  • BLW 347 – Law and the Entrepreneur
  • ENT 383 -  Managing Entrepreneurial Growth
  • ENT 385 -  Technology Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 386 -  Social Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 488 -  Internship in Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 489 -  Independent Studies
  • CFA 101-02 -  Arts and Ideas Seminar
  • COM 394 -  Communication and Conflict Management
  • FCS 170 -  Hospitality Leadership I
  • FCS 270 -  Special Event Planning
  • I M 350 -  Intellectual Property Law and New Media
  • MUS 301 -  Contemporary Issues in Music Business
  • MUS 101 -  Introduction to Music Business
  • THE 223 -  Theatrical Producing
  • SEI 200 and/or SEI 300 -  Topics in Entrepreneurship
  • SEI 210 and/or SEI 310 -  Practicum in Entrepreneurship
  • Additional courses designated by your college 


For advising on the requirements necessary to earn the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, please contact the Advisor below from the College in which your major is housed:

  • Dr. Ed Lamoureux – Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts
  • Dr. Kendra Brandes – College of Education and Health Sciences
  • Dr. Bob Podlasek – Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology
  • Dr. Eden Blair – Foster College of Business Administration
  • Dr. Robert Prescott – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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To declare your pursuit of the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, see the appropriate advisor above to complete the necessary forms.