Women’s Studies Program

FACULTY Robertson (Director), J. Bukowski, Craig, Frye, Glassmeyer, Hogan, Linn, A. Scott, Toxqui.

Women’s studies is an interdisciplinary field of study which questions the traditional attitudes towards women and offers a new understanding of and perspectives on women. The primary objectives of women’s studies are:

  1. to address past scholarly neglect of material by, for, and about women;
  2. to increase and disseminate knowledge of the behaviors, experiences, and contributions of women in society;
  3. to examine critically and evaluate the assumptions and theories held about women in society in the traditional disciplines, as well as current interdisciplinary approaches to the study of women;
  4. to provide an expanded vision of women’s future roles and opportunities and foster an awareness of women’s existing abilities and potentials.

Minor In Women’s Studies

Required Courses (6 hours)

  • WMS 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies - 3 hrs.
  • WMS 400 Directed Research in Women’s Studies - 3 hrs.

Electives (9 hours)

  • ENG 129 African American Literature - 3 hrs.
  • ENG 190 Women in Literature - 3 hrs.
  • ENG 331 Studies in Women Writers - 3 hrs.
  • NUR 219 Women and Health - 3 hrs.
  • PSY 300 Psychology of Women - 3 hrs.
  • HIS 304 Women in American History - 3 hrs.
  • HIS 334 Women in Developing Nations - 3 hrs.
  • HIS 339 Women in Global Perspective - 3 hrs.
  • HIS 382 History of Women, Work, Family - 3 hrs.
  • PLS 493 Seminar in Political Theory: Equality, Diversity, and Citizenship - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 210 Sociology of Families - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 300 Cross-cultural Perspectives on Gender - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 311 Comparative Family Systems - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 313 Race, Ethnicity, and Power - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 315 Gender and Society - 3  hrs.

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