Credit by Examination

Advanced Placement Credit

Credit may be given in courses covered by the Advanced Placement Examination offered by the College Entrance Examination Board. Minimum scores range from 3 to 5 depending on the subject. If credit is given, the number of semester hours of credit allowed is determined by the extent of the college work covered by this examination. Specific information on the extent of credit awarded can be obtained from the Undergraduate Admissions Office

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Bradley University is committed to the principle that college-level achievement should be recognized and rewarded without regard to where, when, or how the knowledge was acquired. The University grants a maximum of 60 semester hours to those who earn scores on the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations in the 50th percentile or higher on national college sophomore norms. Because CLEP credit is transfer credit, it cannot duplicate credit already earned from another source. The Registrar's Office maintains a list of CLEP exams that Bradley accepts. In all cases, an official copy of test scores must be sent from the CLEP office, by request of the student, directly to Bradley University.

  • Credit for CLEP may be used to satisfy General Education requirements: A maximum of 30 semester hours of credit may be earned by taking the General Examinations of the College-Level Examination Program. A maximum of 6 credits may be earned for each of the following subject areas: College Composition, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences and History.
  • Students may also earn a maximum of 30 semester hours of credit by taking specific Subject Matter Examinations. The college in which a student is a major determines the applicability of CLEP credit toward degree requirements.

The CLEP general exams must be taken before completing 60 college credits. The 60-credit limit includes courses taken at Bradley University, credits taken at another college or university, and other credits received by examination. Credits earned through CLEP general exams may not duplicate credits received from other sources.  Credits earned through CLEP general or subject exams may not be at a level lower than a course for which credit has been earned.  

If you have questions about how CLEP credit applies to Bradley, please consult the following:

  • if you are currently enrolled at Bradley: The Registrar's Office, (309) 677-3101
  • if you are a student new to Bradley: Undergraduate Admissions, (800) 447-6460

The Bradley University Center for Testing offers CLEP testing by appointment. For additional information or to make an appointment contact the Director of the Division of Research and Testing at (309) 677-2416.

For more information about the College-Level Examination Program, contact CLEP at (609) 771-7865 or visit

This is the official catalog for the 2013-2014 academic year. This catalog serves as a contract between a student and Bradley University. Should changes in a program of study become necessary prior to the next academic year every effort will be made to keep students advised of any such changes via the Dean of the College or Chair of the Department concerned, the Registrar's Office, u.Achieve degree audit system, and the Schedule of Classes. It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of the current program and graduation requirements for particular degree programs.