Leadership in Education, Nonprofits, and Counseling

FACULTY: Professors Russell-Chapin, Rybak, Sherman, Tripses (interim chair); Associate Professors K. Buchko, Davison Avilés, Risen, Skaggs; Assistant Professor Del Rio, McMillan.


The Leadership in Education, Nonprofits, and Counseling (LENC) department offers Master’s Programs in Leadership in Educational Administration, Nonprofit Leadership, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and School Counseling. Our minor in Leadership, ending with a capstone leadership experience, is available to all undergraduate students.

Mission Statement

The Department of Leadership in Education, Nonprofits and Counseling educates compassionate and competent professional leaders who promote social justice and global community relationships.  

Vision Statement

The Department of Leadership in Education, Nonprofits and Counseling creates a socially just learning community of counselors and leaders who advance multicultural competence.