Health Science Courses

H S 110 - Introduction to Health Science (1 hour)
Health care professions, terminology, concepts in health science, and basic knowledge and skills of those in health science. Prerequisite: HS major or consent of department Chair.

H S 220 - Consumer Issues in Health Care (3 hours)
Possible care obtained, level of health care, and how to access care for persons from birth to death. Cross listed as FCS 220. Prerequisite: HS 110 and HS major or consent of a cross-listed Department Chair (PT, FCS).

H S 306 - Health Science Applications for Sports and Exercise (3 hours)
Integration of the understanding of basic human structure and function with common conditions that impact the physical performance of active and healthy individuals. Prerequisite: BIO 230, 231, 232, 233.

H S 320 - Applied Physiology of Exercise (3 hours)
A systems approach to the study of the human body's response to exercise and physical activity. Prerequisite: BIO 111, 112; CHM 110, 111, 116, 117; PHY 107; HS major and junior/senior standing or consent of department chair.

H S 330 - Interdisciplinary Health Professions (3 hours)
Exploration and discussion of international health professions and/or promoters of health, their role in the health care system, and pertinent comparisons and contrasts in the United States health care delivery system. Prerequisite: at least junior standing or consent of department chair.

H S 340 - Comparative Health Policy (3 hours)
Provides an overview of different health care delivery systems and compares and contrasts them with the health care delivery system in the United States. Prerequisite: at least junior standing or consent of department chair.

H S 350 - Special Topics in Health Science (3 hours)
Selected topics in the various fields of health science. May be repeated under different topics for a total of six hours. Prerequisite: cumulative grade point average of 2.75; at least junior standing or consent of department chair.

H S 402 - Educational Methods, Strategies, and Evaluation Techniques (3 hours)
Designed to increase theoretical knowledge and practical skill for teaching persons with different learning styles. Classroom experiences include a focus on methods, strategies, and evaluation techniques to meet different learning styles. Cross listed as ETE 402. Prerequisite: HS or ETE major or consent of instructor.

H S 425 - Independent Study (1-3 hours)
Individual study and investigations through selected readings, discussion, and/or written assignment(s). May be repeated up to a total of three hours. Prerequisite: health science major and/or permission of the Department of Physical Therapy chair.

H S 460 - Kinesiology (3 hours)
Basic science principles and functional applications that govern function of normal musculoskeletal system. Prerequisite: HS major and junior/senior standing or consent of PT Department chair.

H S 480 - Motion Analysis (3 hours)
Analysis of the kinetic and kinematic principles influencing human motion with emphasis on sport and fitness activity from a health science perspective. Prerequisite: HS major and junior/senior standing; HS 320; HS 460; or consent of PT Department Chair

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