Theatre Arts

FACULTY Professors Huberman (Dean); Assistant Professors Arnold, Matisa, Miller, Lowell, Stern;  Artist-in-Residence Kanoff (chair).


The mission of the Department of Theatre Arts is to teach and promote the intellectual foundations and creative processes of the theatre; to train aspiring theatre artists in a range of performance and production disciplines; and to provide a comprehensive educational experience in a deeply nurturing, student-centered environment.

Through our major and minor programs, production seasons, excursion programs, and extra-curricular organizations, we offer students the opportunity to take ownership of their education; to pursue their passion and deepen their craft; and to learn, risk, and thrive in a dynamic, intimate creative home. The Department of Theatre Arts fosters academic achievement, collaborative intensity, exacting communication, creative authenticity, and personal integrity We believe that these goals serve a diverse range of career possibilities, both in the arts and beyond.

We offer our students exceptional opportunities to interact with leading theatre professionals; we challenge our students to take a leadership role in the collaborative process, and we invite our students to join an artistic home that unites students, faculty, staff, and generations of engaged, successful alumni.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree program in Theatre Arts requires successful admission to Bradley University. Students are admitted as Theatre Arts majors and may choose to add a concentration in Performance or Production. Admission to the concentrations is competitive and requires an audition (for performers) or the presentation of a design/theatre technology portfolio or completion of an interview (for students interested in production). Students in the concentrations will be required to demonstrate basic talents and the potential to grow as theatre artists, as well as the commitment and discipline essential for successful completion of their studies. The concentration audition/interview is recommended after acceptance to the University or during the first year of study.

For more information, contact the department chairperson.

The department also offers a minor in theatre arts.

Major Requirements

In addition to university and college requirements, theatre arts majors must earn a C or better in every required course for the major and maintain a 2.5 grade point average in all theatre courses. Students may not enroll in a theatre arts course for which a required course is a prerequisite unless they have earned a C or better in the required course.

Bachelor Of Arts Or Bachelor Of Science Degree With A Major In Theatre Arts

All majors must complete the following requirements. Completion of a concentration in performance of production is optional.

  • THE 115 Fundamentals of Acting - 3 hrs.
  • THE 121 Contemporary Theatre Practice - 3 hrs.
  • THE 123 Script Analysis for the Theatre - 3 hrs.
  • THE 125 Stagecraft - 3 hrs.
  • THE 223 Producing for the Arts - 3 hrs.
  • THE 226 Fundamentals of Design - 3 hrs.
  • THE 230 Costume Construction - 3 hrs.
  • THE 316 Fundamentals of Directing - 3 hrs.
  • THE 336 History of Theatre and Drama I - 3 hrs.
  • THE 337 History of Theatre and Drama II - 3 hrs.
  • THE 338 History of Theatre and Drama III - 3 hrs.
  • THE 439 Global Encounters - 3 hrs.
  • Practicum - 3 hrs. (Each Practicum is a production assignment earning .5 hours.)

Performance Concentration

Audition required.

Major requirements, plus:

  • THE 201 The Actor's Instrument I* - 3 hrs.
  • THE 203 The Actor's Instrument II* - 3 hrs.
  • THE 215 Intermediate Acting - 3 hrs.
  • THE 310 Junior Seminar - 3 hrs.
  • THE 315 Advanced Acting (Shakespeare) - 3 hrs.
  • THE 410 Senior Seminar - 1-3 hrs.
  • THE 415 Acting: Genres - 3 hrs.

Total additional hours required for the concentration: 19-21 hours

Production Concentration

(Portfolio review/interview required)

Major requirements, plus:

  • THE 225 Advanced Stagecraft - 3 hrs.
  • THE 229 CADD for Theatre - 3 hrs.
  • THE 310 Junior Seminar - 3 hrs.
  • THE 410 Senior Seminar (Development of a Capstone project) - 1-3 hrs.

Three of the following Design courses:

  • THE 326 Stage Lighting - 3 hrs.
  • THE 327 Sound Design - 3 hrs.
  • THE 329 Scenic Design - 3 hrs.
  • THE 330 Costume Design - 3 hrs.

Total additional hours required for the concentration: 19-21 hours

Theatre Arts Minor

The Department of Theatre Arts offers a minor with the following requirements:

  • THE 115 Fundamentals of Acting - 3 hrs.
  • THE 121 Contemporary Theatre Practice (introductory course for Theatre Arts majors and minors) - 3 hrs.
  • THE 123 Script Analysis- 3 hrs.
  • THE 125 Stagecraft - 3 hrs. or THE 230 Costume Construction - 3 hrs.
  • THE 336, 337, or 338 History of Theatre and Drama - 3 hrs.
  • One additional THE course at the 200, 300, or 400 level - 3 hrs.
  • Practicum - 2 hrs. (Each practicum is a production assignments earning .5 hours.)

Total hours required for the minor: 20

This is the official catalog for the 2019-2020 academic year. This catalog serves as a contract between a student and Bradley University. Should changes in a program of study become necessary prior to the next academic year every effort will be made to keep students advised of any such changes via the Dean of the College or Chair of the Department concerned, the Registrar's Office, u.Achieve degree audit system, and the Schedule of Classes. It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of the current program and graduation requirements for particular degree programs.